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villanova monteleone

Ritorna l’appuntamento con l’Europa. L’associazione culturale Su Palatu_Fotografia promuove la quarta edizione di Menotrentuno, rassegna fotografica internazionale dedicata a giovani professionisti dell’immagine, rigorosamente scelti sotto i 31 anni di età. Tema di quest'anno la Memoria.


The cultural association SuPalatu photography promotes the fourth edition of Menotrentuno, the international photography festival for young photographers up to 31 years old. In the last years, things have rapidly changed in Italy and in the rest of the world: we are able to see some aspects of this transformation, but it is impossible to perceive everything. Sardinia, hugged by Europe, tries to relaunch a cultural policy and a reflection that could overcome geographical and mental borders. In the past editions, the different topics of the festival were: “Tourism revolution” in 2006; “Ecstasy of youth” in 2008; “Young violence” in 2011. The fourth edition focuses on the topic of “Memory”, not the visual memory, but memory in a wider sense. In detail, this edition will try to understand which kind of memory is important to new generations. An entangling exploration without borders. The motto of the festival is always the same ”Menotrentuno is looking for contemporary fresh eyes able to interpret the world and to create a reality where the young generations are the main characters of their times”. The fourth edition is made of 18 exhibitions in 11 villages and cities, drawing a sort of photographic map that spreads through the entire island. This year the program is enriched by a series of off-circuit exhibitions called Abanda and a bursary of 5.000 euros for the best project exhibited in the festival. This award is called Surrau Photo Win and it is kindly offered by Vigne Surrau.